Monday, November 28, 2005

HARD like watch'n Jenna Jameson

Get yer hand out of yer pants jr, I'm not talking about that kind of hard kiddies:) What I'm talkin bout is all those rock hard water bottles I saw on the Turkey Day Ride. Lesson: water will begin to freeze at 32 degrees mates, so on them dar cold weather rides one might want to try this. Put your water bottle in a jersey pocket under your wind breaker or cold weather coat, thus your body heat will keep it luquified for your drinking pleasure. On long gravel grinders take 2 bottles and alternate between bottle cage and jersey pocket every 30 min. or so. Dat's all folks.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Mates

Some where around 40 of us showed up for the Thanksgiving ride. Eat till you puke:)


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Misc. pix

DQ the Great.

Teri (AKA Smiley) and her Awards. You rock baby:)

Tattoo Dan (one of our team sponsers) and his new SS townie.

My newest piece of work.

Andy's badass bike ink.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tattoos/Bike's/ Happy Turkey day

Well I'm just about fed up with tring to get a buck this year, my patients have all but gone for bow hunting. Now I think its just going to be about getting some meat and wait for next year. I finished Tattoo Dan's single speed yesterday with some help from Sterling (I suck at rapping bars). So today I'll drop it off and get some more ink done, we are doing that country trade thang, my love for tinkering with bikes and his for inking kind folks like me. I'll have my sleeve done for next yrs. season.......yay!!! I'll get pics. of Andy's finished tat. up soon, along with my new one. Looks like I'll be hitting the trail tonight with the Hanser'nater and anyone else who shows up. Don't forget about the Thanksgiving Ride on Thurs. morning 8am at the Center Trails 6th yr. kiddies, beer for breakfast.....yay!! Also the Taco Wed. rides are still going down at 6pm or a little after, 1.25 tacos at Giffs 5th st. Pub. Dats' all folks.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Full Moon Ride

I assumed I would be the only one out but I ventured to Sully's Irish Tap just to make sure. Upon arriving I see no bikes in the rack, so without wasting any time I head towards Denmans (I didn't go in and have a cold one). The night was perfect,18 degrees at 7:30pm, no wind, no clouds, the moon was bright, and I was sporting my new Answer Kashmir winter booties. I was only out to hit Denmans then back home so I don't have a full report for my new shoes just yet. I want to get some 3+ hr. rides in and then give a report (Pistol Pete has given' his 2 cents on the Kashmir in the comment section of previous post). I was out for an hr. and had a blast. I started the ride by moonlight only, hence Full Moon Ride. I hit the trail head and I was the 3rd set of tracks in. Lot's of little stuff on and around the trail but completely visable, while looking through these San Remos . All was good with no lights till I hit "Little Italy". Went through the first dip and .........WHAM. Shit I've been attacked by a down'd tree. When riding with no lights be sure to keep your eye's on the trail in front of you and not spacing out looking around for Iowa's night time killer animals and homeless hoodlum . After I picked myself up and laughed at myself for a little while, it was back on the bike. The rest of the ride needless to say was lit up by my 7yr. old Marwi Night Pro system that amazingly still works. All in all a good putt-putt.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Product Review

Answer's Kashmir Winter Cycling shoe.

New this season, our brand spanking new winter boot is focused on value and performance, featuring price points that are far lower than the (scarce) competition. Just try finding a cold weather shoe with these features at a similar price.

*Sole: Hi-Traction, insulated rubber sole with stiff hard sole

*Upper: Adjustable Neoprene ankle closure and Pittards leather

*Closure System: Three straps with laces

*Heel: Anatomic heel cup to resist slip; Heel pull strap

*Cleat: Metal spikes and spike wrench included, SPD compatible

*Extras: Adjustable Neoprene ankle closure to protect against cold

*Available in Size: 38 through 48 in whole sizes

I picked up a pair of these lastnight at Rassy's and will have a review after this weekend of riding. Full Moon Ride going on tonight also. Info. on


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Taco ride/ optics review

Cosmo, Sterling, Mike Lebeda, Jeff Keil, Al, and myself went out for a little night time Center action last night and we had a blast. The trail is in perfect fall condition, with it being a little hard to navigate on the hillside due to the many leaves on the trail. All the flatts are super fast and pretty clean of leaves, I would say these parts of the trail are getting the most use as the leaves are actually ridden into dust. After the ride we met up with Sammy and hit Giff's 5th street Pub for $1.25 taco's and a couple pitchers of beer. Cosmo has tied the taco eating record of Petey Basso in downing 3 of these monsters, can you say "Oooohhhh wet brown butter". After 10 tacos and 3 pitchers of beer we called it an evening.

The San Remo optics are a fine pair of multipurpose night riding glasses/ daytime shades. I've had these bad boy's for about 3 weeks now and can say they get a big

QCP thumbs up! The specialized Adaptalite lenses are sweet. I have several pair of riding glasses with interchangeable lenses the Smith Buzzsaw, and a couple pair of Tifosi. These all are sweet too, although you have to remember to bring the other lenses to get the full function. This is where the San Remo kicks ass, one pair of glasses for all day or night. During the day they darken with the sunlight and at night the lenses will lighten up enough to become completely functional as well. Last night was my first real ride with them in the dark and even with my 7 yr old NightPro system they functioned well as Cosmo and I flew through the trail. The view at night was as if your light was starting to dim a little. If I was running a HID, I'm sure I would have a different story. Would I do a night race with the San Remos...... probably not. I will use them day and night for my play rides for sure.

All in all a great pair of riding glasses at a MSRP of $140



Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Specialized San Remo Optics

The San Remo is a large frame design that has been tested in the rigors of the European Peloton by the numerous teams and riders

*Specialized Adaptalite™ lenses adapt to varying ambient UV levels, providing optimal performance in low to bright light conditions without having to change lenses
Adaptalite™ lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection throughout the full range of light transmission

*Unique Specialized Adaptalite™ lenses are made from NXT™, a revolutionary innovation in unbreakable optical polymer technology

*Adaptalite™ NXT lenses are 10-20% lighter than other plastic lenses

*Exclusive Road Lens formulation enhances color recognition for safety

*Lens and frame angles are designed for cycling-specific application in the riding position

*Vented design prevents fogging

*Available in black, white/black, metallic blue/white and silver

Gett'n back on the bike

The last time I put a hard effort in was on 9/18 at the Kendall Young race and that only lasted for 2 laps before I DNF'd. I went out yesterday for 3hrs of urban/dirt and I had a hoot of a time.
It definatly felt good to push the legs again. I've been out bow hunting for my "Wall Hanger" since the first of Oct. and getting short lazy rides inbetween. Missing out on all the fun rides that my mates' have been doing. I'm missing the bike now and I still haven't shot my buck. Hope I get one soon. I'm going out tonight with Super Cam and some other mates for the Taco Wed. ride, this will be a good time cause I've never seen Cam drink beer before or eat big,fat,greasy taco's in a smoke filled hole in the wall bar. I will also have a product review on the Specialized San Remo optics coming soon, thanks to Super Cam and Mark from Specialized.