Friday, January 21, 2005

Pimp My Shop!

Rassy's is undergoing a complete overhaul! New floor plan, new shop area, new features, new website.... it goes on and on! We've made the decision that the time to grow is now.

We've brought in Quixote Cycling Programs and developed a "Performance Center" where our customers wil be able to do all sorts of testing by appoitment. Lactis threshold, max heart rate, wattage testing, etc can all be done at Rasmussen's now. This will be a great way to start a training plan or use it to benchmark your progress throughout the year.

Also with QCP we'll be offering the most complex and scientific bike fits in central Iowa. Rasmussen's and QCP has teamed up with the great people at Fit Kit Systems and spared no expense bringing in the best fitting systems to get our customers dialed in to the most comfortable, and result proven position on their bicycle.

Both the performance testing and fittings will be offered starting February 1st.

We've also completely rearranged the store with our primary focus being placed on comfort. We brought in chairs, we brought in couches, we brought in so much seating you might mistake us for a furniture store. All of which, of course, is surrounded by the good 'ol service and kick-butt product! So swing on down, grab a seat, join us for lunch and take a look at the new layout.

We're bringing in new bikes too! Along with Specialized, Bianchi, Diamondback and Haro... we'll soon be sticking some sweet rigs from Fuji. Can't miss out on those!

Oh yeah... we can't forget about the awesome website here either! Keep checking back as we update this blog constantly!! See you soon!