Monday, November 28, 2005

HARD like watch'n Jenna Jameson

Get yer hand out of yer pants jr, I'm not talking about that kind of hard kiddies:) What I'm talkin bout is all those rock hard water bottles I saw on the Turkey Day Ride. Lesson: water will begin to freeze at 32 degrees mates, so on them dar cold weather rides one might want to try this. Put your water bottle in a jersey pocket under your wind breaker or cold weather coat, thus your body heat will keep it luquified for your drinking pleasure. On long gravel grinders take 2 bottles and alternate between bottle cage and jersey pocket every 30 min. or so. Dat's all folks.


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Sean Noonan said...

he speaks the truth. I had a problem with this last year and squirrel clued me in on this idea. works extremely well.