Friday, November 18, 2005

Full Moon Ride

I assumed I would be the only one out but I ventured to Sully's Irish Tap just to make sure. Upon arriving I see no bikes in the rack, so without wasting any time I head towards Denmans (I didn't go in and have a cold one). The night was perfect,18 degrees at 7:30pm, no wind, no clouds, the moon was bright, and I was sporting my new Answer Kashmir winter booties. I was only out to hit Denmans then back home so I don't have a full report for my new shoes just yet. I want to get some 3+ hr. rides in and then give a report (Pistol Pete has given' his 2 cents on the Kashmir in the comment section of previous post). I was out for an hr. and had a blast. I started the ride by moonlight only, hence Full Moon Ride. I hit the trail head and I was the 3rd set of tracks in. Lot's of little stuff on and around the trail but completely visable, while looking through these San Remos . All was good with no lights till I hit "Little Italy". Went through the first dip and .........WHAM. Shit I've been attacked by a down'd tree. When riding with no lights be sure to keep your eye's on the trail in front of you and not spacing out looking around for Iowa's night time killer animals and homeless hoodlum . After I picked myself up and laughed at myself for a little while, it was back on the bike. The rest of the ride needless to say was lit up by my 7yr. old Marwi Night Pro system that amazingly still works. All in all a good putt-putt.


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smiley said...

Squirrel, Some of the best times I've had this year have been going down and riding the Center trails with the Des Moines crew, Time to check the pumpkin pies in the oven, Nick