Thursday, November 10, 2005

Taco ride/ optics review

Cosmo, Sterling, Mike Lebeda, Jeff Keil, Al, and myself went out for a little night time Center action last night and we had a blast. The trail is in perfect fall condition, with it being a little hard to navigate on the hillside due to the many leaves on the trail. All the flatts are super fast and pretty clean of leaves, I would say these parts of the trail are getting the most use as the leaves are actually ridden into dust. After the ride we met up with Sammy and hit Giff's 5th street Pub for $1.25 taco's and a couple pitchers of beer. Cosmo has tied the taco eating record of Petey Basso in downing 3 of these monsters, can you say "Oooohhhh wet brown butter". After 10 tacos and 3 pitchers of beer we called it an evening.

The San Remo optics are a fine pair of multipurpose night riding glasses/ daytime shades. I've had these bad boy's for about 3 weeks now and can say they get a big

QCP thumbs up! The specialized Adaptalite lenses are sweet. I have several pair of riding glasses with interchangeable lenses the Smith Buzzsaw, and a couple pair of Tifosi. These all are sweet too, although you have to remember to bring the other lenses to get the full function. This is where the San Remo kicks ass, one pair of glasses for all day or night. During the day they darken with the sunlight and at night the lenses will lighten up enough to become completely functional as well. Last night was my first real ride with them in the dark and even with my 7 yr old NightPro system they functioned well as Cosmo and I flew through the trail. The view at night was as if your light was starting to dim a little. If I was running a HID, I'm sure I would have a different story. Would I do a night race with the San Remos...... probably not. I will use them day and night for my play rides for sure.

All in all a great pair of riding glasses at a MSRP of $140



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