Friday, April 29, 2005

Survive the Challenge II

The IMBCS #2 race is on tap for this Sunday at Camp Ingawanis is Waverly, Ia. The race is on a 9 mile loop and it should be a great day for a race. The Rasmussen Racing team will be there and hammering away. Look for Pete, John, and Andy to be competing for podium spots in the Sport category. Cam, Lou and Squirrel will be showing how it's done in the Expert category.

Pictures from last year...



Friday, April 22, 2005

IMBA Slideshow

Nat and Rachel presented "Around the World With IMBA" at the shop. It was a great show as Nat had gobs of helmet cam video from all their travels.

Nat narrating...


Rachel had only had one untitled photo they didn't know where it was from.


Sharp eyeed Sterling recognized our very own Tony Hibbs and the Brown's Woods Park.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Boone IMBCS #1 Results

Expert 4-laps

1-Cam Kirkpatrick-39 2:13:40 Rasmussen Bike Team
2-Ralph Henderson-35 2:30:10
3-Jeff Anchor-41 2:31:27
4-Dennis Grelk-25 2:33:40
5-Bill Mize-45 2:35:40
6-Jeremy Venable-16 2:43:25
7-Jay Chesterman-32 2:46:25
8-Christopher Maharry-38 2:49:08
9-Chad Vandelune-35 2:58:30 Rasmussen Bike Team
10-Sean Myers-44 3:00:23
11-Ryan Atwell-26 3:12:29
12-Brad Patty-44 3:16:40
13-Jeff Burnett -48-DNF
14-Kyle Sedore-29-DNF
15-Rob Gartin-31-DNF

Sport 2-laps

1-Ben Shockey-27-1:19:49 S.S.
2-Andy Lueck-20-1:20:7 Rasmussen Bike Team
3-Lee Johnson-31 1:24:20
4-John Conlan-39 1:24:48 Rasmussen Bike Team
5-Brian Benson-38 1:28:02 Rasmussen Bike Team

6-Bruce Reeses-32 1:29:14 S.S.
7-William Fauter-32 1:29:33
8-Jim Robidoux-41 1:31:35
9-Jason Plunkett-32 1:33:45 Rasmussen Bike Team
10-Wade Thompson-36 1:38
11-Rick Cheevers-46 1:38:44 S.S.
12-Colin Shepherd-26 1:38:56
13-Mike Baker-29 1:42:15 Rasmussen Bike Team
14-Nick Wooley-40 1:42:16
15-Ian Davis-33 1:42:18
16-Jacob Naumann-31 1:52:10 Rasmussen Bike Team
17-Ron Degeest-37 1:56:44
18-Mike Lebeda-35 1:59:56
19-Brian Depenning-47 2:01:50
20-Pat Foley-51 2:05:18
21-Pete Basso-35 DNF Rasmussen Bike Team
22-Joe Nelis-15 DNF

Beginer- 1 lap

1-Brad Krammer-43 59:54 Rasmussen Bike Team
2-Jeff Madison-38 1:11:49 Rasmussen Bike Team
3-AJ Turner-15 1:12:05
4-Bruce Neil-52 1:24:58

Beginer Women-1-lap
1-Jennifer Taylor-21 1:15:49

Thursday, April 14, 2005


The International Mountain Bicycling Association’s Trail Care Crew will visit Des Moines April 21 to 24 to host a slideshow of trails around the world, help assess local trails and trail opportunities, conduct a trail building school and -- ride bicycles! Everyone is invited to attend these free events hosted by the Central Iowa Trail Association.

The visiting Crew includes Nat and Rachael Lopes. For the past five years, Rachael worked as an archaeologist with a breadth of experience that ranges from GIS mapping to soil sampling to burial exhumation. Nat worked as an independent marketing, design and photography consultant; he is also certified as a California Department of Forestry firefighter, a California State Park Docent, and in Wilderness First Aid.

Below is a schedule of events that are open to the public:

April 21 at 7:30 p.m.”Around the World with IMBA” slideshow
Rasmussen Bike Shop

April 22 at 6:00 p.m.Mountain bike ride with IMBA
Ashworth Pool parking lot

April 23 at 9:00 a.m.IMBA Trailbuilding School
West Des Moines Community Center(Registration required)

April 24 at 11:00 a.m.Mountain bike ride with IMBA
Seven Oaks Ski Area near Boone

Call Ryan Hanser at 515-229-3737 for more information or to register for the IMBA Trailbuilding School.

Monday, April 11, 2005