Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Uniform Pick-Up Friday!

Okay you Rassy Team Beeches! The camo unifroms will be available for pick up this Friday at the bike shop! So you'll be all-out-pimpin at the race in Boone. YOU MUST PAY THE REMAINDER OF WHAT YOU OWE BEFORE YOU GET YOUR UNIFORMS! If you can not pay what you owe, not only will you be without pimp-gear, you will be required to race in a used diaper (ala baby Heise) with a pacifier sticking out of your mouth and a water bottle in your "expletive deleted".

If you're not sure what you owe then call Sterling at the shop ON WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY or FRIDAY! Not Tuesday because Sterling isn't there.

WE WILL SEE YOU ON FRIDAY. Good luck in Boone this weekend!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Snowbike Series #4?!?!

What a day for a race! With temps in the low 40s and snow showers making the course tacky it was a weird start for May. The course included two river crossings that were spanned by very unreliable bridges. By the time the Sport class was going thru the bridges were down and the only option was to wade thru the water.

IMBCS #2 Results

Camp Ingawanis - Waverly, IA. – May 1, 2005

Expert Class - 30 Miles, 18 riders

Place Name Class Finish Time

3 Cam Kirkpatrick Open 2:25:49
5 Chad Vandelune Masters 2:35:34

Sport Class - 20 Miles, 45 riders

Place Name Class Finish Time

1 Andy Lueck 18-29 1:44:40
12 Jim Logan 40-49 1:55:15
13 Pete Basso 30-39 1:55:47
15 Craig Decker 30-39 1:56:48
16 Donny Quioxote 18-29 1:57:13 Single Speed
29 Michael Baker 20-29 2:06:20
36 Sterling Heise 40-49 2:13:28
39 Jacob Naumann 30-39 2:22:43
41 Teri Pottorff W30-39 2:26:21

Cam Kirkpatrick

Teri Pottorff

Chad Vandelune

Jacob Naumann

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Specialized Bike Demo


The boys at Specialized will doing a bike demo
at Ashworth Pool this Thursday 4:30 - 6:30.
Come down and check out all the trick road bikes, mountain bikes and much more!

Test ride on the path or the singletrack!

It'll be a blast... see you there! YOWZZER!!