Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gett'n back on the bike

The last time I put a hard effort in was on 9/18 at the Kendall Young race and that only lasted for 2 laps before I DNF'd. I went out yesterday for 3hrs of urban/dirt and I had a hoot of a time.
It definatly felt good to push the legs again. I've been out bow hunting for my "Wall Hanger" since the first of Oct. and getting short lazy rides inbetween. Missing out on all the fun rides that my mates' have been doing. I'm missing the bike now and I still haven't shot my buck. Hope I get one soon. I'm going out tonight with Super Cam and some other mates for the Taco Wed. ride, this will be a good time cause I've never seen Cam drink beer before or eat big,fat,greasy taco's in a smoke filled hole in the wall bar. I will also have a product review on the Specialized San Remo optics coming soon, thanks to Super Cam and Mark from Specialized.


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Velochica said...

I'm confused. I saw A LOT of empty Coors Light bottles in Cam's garage. Maybe he's recycling for some friends or something...

Cam can grill a mean filet mignon. Maybe the beer is to marinate the meat.