Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tattoos/Bike's/ Happy Turkey day

Well I'm just about fed up with tring to get a buck this year, my patients have all but gone for bow hunting. Now I think its just going to be about getting some meat and wait for next year. I finished Tattoo Dan's single speed yesterday with some help from Sterling (I suck at rapping bars). So today I'll drop it off and get some more ink done, we are doing that country trade thang, my love for tinkering with bikes and his for inking kind folks like me. I'll have my sleeve done for next yrs. season.......yay!!! I'll get pics. of Andy's finished tat. up soon, along with my new one. Looks like I'll be hitting the trail tonight with the Hanser'nater and anyone else who shows up. Don't forget about the Thanksgiving Ride on Thurs. morning 8am at the Center Trails 6th yr. kiddies, beer for breakfast.....yay!! Also the Taco Wed. rides are still going down at 6pm or a little after, 1.25 tacos at Giffs 5th st. Pub. Dats' all folks.


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