Thursday, July 16, 2009

Durango – Day 4

The road up to Lemon Reservoir.

I left from the campground and rode through Durango with the intent of doing a big loop that included stops by Lemon and Vallecito Reservoirs. Then I headed south to Bayfield. I took highway 160 back towards Durango, which I will never do again, too much traffic and little to no shoulder. I took 160 until I hit highway 172. I rode on that until I hit the Ute Indian Reservation, where I had planned to turn around and head back. I rode into the parking lot of some casino, ate a little food, drank a little water and had this huge urge to relieve myself…so I did. Hope nobody saw me watering the grass. I ended up with right at 100 miles for the day and around 5,000 feet of vertical. Another great day of riding in the books!

The road up to Vallecito Reservoir.

The road around Vallecito crosses over the Pine River. I saw some dude fly fishing up stream. I watched him pull a boot out of the river.

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