Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Durango – Day 3

Decided to do an easy ride with Julie today. We left D-town on our bikes and took 160 up to the Dry Fork trailhead. We took Dry Fork up to the Colorado Trail and then took the Colorado down into Durango for a nice three hour ride. The ride contained some of the sweetest singletrack that I’ve ever laid tracks on. Words cannot do it justice, so if you’d like a better description than what is here, you’re gonna have to come out and experience it yourself. I cannot believe how quickly Julie is picking up this whole mountain biking thing. She successfully rode through some very technical, uphill and downhill rock gardens that I wouldn’t have done if I’d only been riding for a year. She will most likely be taking on a more active role in my annual women’s mountain biking clinic this fall!

You can tell from Julie's smile that she loves buff singletrack just as much as I do.

This little varment wandered over to the cliff at Gudy's Rest while Julie and I were hanging out. I think he was scoping out the trail below (in background), he was probably trying to figure out what lines he was going to take once he got down there.

I think that's the cow that tried to hump Shim a few years ago.

Love the Aspen groves.

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