Thursday, July 16, 2009

Durango – Day 5

Animas City Mountain.

Decided to hit the dirt today and rode up Junction Creek Road to the Colorado Trailhead. Put in some good efforts because it is mostly uphill all of the way to a part of the trail that the locals call ‘High Point’. My guess is that it is a popular turn around point for most, even though the Colorado continues all of way to Denver. I rode up to Hoffheins, took Hoffheins to Dry Fork, then back up to the Colorado. Took the Colorado up to Highpoint, took a breather, ate a Probar and decided to continue up the trail. I could tell that there had been a lot of rain as the foliage was such that it became difficult to see the trail. I was still smarting in some areas from my wipeout, so I decided to turn around and head back into town.
Once back in town, I decided to swing by the Animas City Mountain for a lap. One lap up and around Animas nets about 1,600 feet of climbing and some pretty amazing views of Durango to the south, and the Animas River valley to the north. I got yelled at by some old people dawdling along the trail near the top. I gave warning twice and even rolled up to them at a walking pace. They finally noticed me and I apparently scared the crap out of them. The lady told me that I needed to say ‘bike back’, or something along those lines. I said that I did…twice and then told her that she needed pull her head out of her arse and pay better attention to her surroundings. I could have been a mean, hungry, big ole’ black bear for cryin’ out loud…I really didn’t say that. Instead, I rode thru and politely told them that I did say something.

The Animas River Valley to the north.

D-Town to the south.

It's kinda like eating ice cream, I'm always happy when I am eating ice cream or riding singletrack.

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