Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Durango – Day 2

Decided to let my body heal a little and hit the road for a hundy. I rode west to Mesa Verde, paid the $8 admission into the park and did another 16 or so miles until I hit the highest point on the road. I stopped for about 10, ate some Pop Tarts, enjoyed the view of the mesa’s off in the distance, then turned around for the ride home. The park was a nice break from the heavy traffic on highway 160, it kinda felt like I was in de-tox from all of the diesel fumes that I had inhaled on 160. I ended up with about 5 hours of ride time and just over 7,000 feet of net verticality on the day.

Mesa Verde is a pretty cool national park. I think the Pueblo Indians decided to split in search of new digs in the 1200's. Good ole' Teddy Roosevelt decided to establish the land as a national park in an effort to preserve what was left of the ruins.

There has to be some sweet singletrack down there somewhere...

This is where I ate my Pop Tarts.

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