Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Fun

What a weekend 50's both days, perfect for riding your ass off. Friday afternoon I spent cutting wood for the Mayhem ride/feed on Sat. After loading the wood onto the trailer I fired up the ol' antique snapper to pull it up into the backyard. Once up there I started to think man that would make and excellent jump, so I grabbed the planks and built a 5ft. jump with an almost perfect roller landing. The jump was fun although I couldn't get anyone else to hit it.

Riding to the Vaud. on Sat. was Teri,Sammy and I pretty non eventfull just a slow putt-putt. I'd say around 30 patrons where in attendece. The first short film "One Got Fat" was totally hilarious, but could possibly scare a youngster from riding his/her bike. I missed the title of the 2nd short film but it too was funny and had everyone in the room laughing. Teri and I have seen the Triplets, so we only stayed until a little after 3pm so we could enjoy the rest of the warm afternoon before the Mayhem ride.

Mayhem ride went good with just Ryan, Sammy and I actually riding. Denmans was in good condition in the moonlight. None of us had lights and we didn't need them with the moon directly above the trail lighting our way. We came out of the woods with big smiles, like three little kids playing hide and seek around the neighborhood at night. Back at the house Teri had started to cut some of the ingredients for the Paella, and kept the fire roaring till us monkeys got back. Once back at the house a few dark beers where opened, then the Paella cooking started. Heather,Jamie, Chris, and Darcey showed up shortly after. Then Lou and Jan stopped by before going to dinner to say hello. We were up till after midnight planning our take over of the world.

Sunday morning (7am) I was meeting Pistol Pete and Lou at Starbucks for b-fast and coffee. After that we headed to Zanzibar to meet the rest of the group. After more coffee we decide that it was just the 4 of us Lou,Andy,Petey, and I. So we start to gather our stuff and in walks Hanser, booze dripping from his forehead as if he was out all night party'n. Now we're off, the day was going to be a gravel grinder but we opted for urban instead with our small group. We headed up Ingersol heading to the Center for some dirt, upon arriving we find that the trail is going to be a little muddy so we bail out at Valley dr. and take the Rabbit trail to Water Works. As we are heading toward downtown I say lets go and hit the wall ride by the little leage diamonds off of Bell ave.

The walls are around 4.5 feet tall a foot wide and 75 yrds. long. The first one has a sharp turn in it about 20feet short of the end. I think Petey and Andy made this one, with Lou and Ryan not attempting. Second wall is pretty much a straight shot, I wish I would have had the camera, cause when I finished I turned and the whole pack was on the wall, would have made a great shot. Petey and Andy cleaned it with Lou wheelie dropping off around the half way mark, so that leaves Ryan, he's past the half way point. At this time I wanted to say something but didn't thinking I would f___ him up, as soon as that thought went through my head Ryan's front tire falls off the wall with Ryan following. HUMAN YARD DART HAS LANDED:) Holy shit I thought he'd broken his collarbone, but he didn't all was good with little pain. After this we tooled around DT, over by Targhetto, the Beaverdale area then we broke for the day. All in all 30 miles of fun. Good Day:)



Pete Basso said...

Human Yard, that's funny. I thought the ol' boy would come up with a crooked shoulder too, he hit hard! That was a great ride yesterday, I had a ton of fun.

Ryan said...

I guess if you're going to be stupid, you've got to be tough... My range of motion is poor and the pain is still incredible, but I look "normal". I don't think there's any damage other than deep tissue and/or bone bruising.

It was frustrating to know that I should wheelie drop but just somehow not manage to get it done in time... I'll spend more time on lower-risk skinnies before returning to that one.