Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sat. ride/ Full Moon Mayhem (feed)

Sammy likes a little "Squirrel" with his Paella

Sammy's Paella open fire style:)

Yo mates here’s the smack down for this Sat.

Meet at Rassy's place around 1:15pm to head to the Vaudeville Mews for the movie “The Triplets of Belleville”. Hang out, down a few pints, roll out and tear it up in an Urban Assault on downtown for awhile. Then we’ll me at my place 1208 Walnut St.WDM (time to be determined at the Vaud) to head out for the Full Moon Mayhem ride thru Denmans(no lights if a clear night). Once this is under our belts we’ll shoot back the short distance (6min.) to my place for Sammy’s world renowned Paella meal cooked over an open fire in my backyard. Call (please) me or just show up (if your the procrastinating type)490-6239.

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