Monday, July 07, 2008

Durango – 7.06.08

Jesse and I decided to hit the pavement today for the Durango to Silverton out and back epic. My body was still pretty battered from the race, so a smooth road ride seemed like a good idea. We headed out at around 8 with the hope of finishing the ride before the afternoon rain started to fall. Jesse had been having breathing issues since he’d gotten here and it was starting to act up again. We were about 30 miles into the ride, maybe a mile into the climb up Coal Bank Pass when Jesse decided to turn around and head back. He was pretty frustrated and I felt pretty bad for him, I’d be pretty bummed if I came out here to ride and was hampered by breathing issues. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out so that we can get some sweet rides in.
I made it up to Silverton, took a 10 minute break to refuel and began the climb back out of town. I could tell as I was climbing out of Silverton, that I probably should have taken another recovery day today. My legs were still pretty tired from the race and I was beginning to suffer. I made it back to Durango OK, but it wasn’t without a couple of visits to the pain cave. As painful as it can sometimes be, it’s still my favorite road ride and I always look forward to it.
On the way back to the cabin, I stopped by Miles house to chill for a few minutes. I was shootin’ the breeze with Miles and Tammy when I heard a door open in the back of the house. Jesse came out with some serious bed head with pillow marks and dried up drool all over his face. I wish that I could power nap like that!
Stats for the day, 108 miles, 8540 feet of climbing, four summits at just under 11,000 feet with and average heart rate of 139 for the ride. My max speed was about 53mph, coasting down a few of the passes… good stuff!
No pix from the ride, I'll get some next time around.

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