Monday, July 07, 2008

Durango – 7.05.08

I ended up staying the night in Breck with WWJ and Jean. We hooked up with Roxzanne Abbott, Larry Kintner and another dude… can’t remember his name and I feel kinda bad, but that kind of stuff happens when you surpass 40. We scored some grub at some Rastafarian restaurant and had a great time telling stories about our experiences with the race.

Why did I buy a Jeep Liberty? 3 bikes and enough gear to last me 2 1/2 weeks in Colorado... enough said.

I headed out for Durango the next morning and arrived in town with enough time to get a nice, relaxing 2 ½ hour recovery ride in on the valley loop. After the ride, I hooked up with a buddy of mine, Jesse Rients for some grub with a couple of his friends that live in Durango, Miles and his girlfriend Tammy. Jesse is crashing at Miles house for a few days and we had a little BBQ in his backyard. Good food + good peeps = a good time! Both Jesse and Miles both carry a pro license, so I’m looking forward to getting some sweet rides in with them this week!

Mi Casa

What I wake up to every morning

Next to the smell of freshly ground coffee, it's tough to beat the smell of a pine forest in the mountains

Looks like it's fixin' to rain

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