Friday, July 28, 2006

T-Bonen' Trees

I'm back in Dead Moines, tryin' to get back into the groove. I feel like I'm living in the Amazon. Went for a ride at the SC today and it was pretty tropical, felt like I was riding my bike under water. In Denmans, a lot of the corners were pretty greasy. I greased off of one corner and t-boned a tree. Somehow, I managed to hurdle off of my bike and come to a running stop with my bike layin' on the ground. Would have been a cool video, I felt like I looked cool when it happened.
T-boned another tree going through the rhythm section going about mach 4. Stopped me dead in my tracks and somehow managed to keep it rubber side down. Would have been a pretty funny video also. Came out of the woods without a single dry spot on me. Damn hot and muggy. It's gonna be even worse this weekend at the Ft. Dodge race, 98 and humid, I guess the heat index is supposed to be something like 149 degrees? Oh well, lookin' forward to racin' again, it might even be dry this time!

See y'all this weekend,


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