Friday, July 28, 2006

A few photos from Durango

Chowin' down on some strawberries after an epic mountain bike ride at Telegraph

Coffee run at 6am, yeah it's Starbucks, but my sister works there and they take good care of her so it's all good.

Worfing down a sandwich at Bread, the best bakery ever.

My delirious look after an epic mountain bike ride.

My Dad ran into some dude on Dry Fork who was hangin' out with some lamas. The dude said that he was up in the mountains camping with them for a few days... No further details are necessary, thank you.

My Dad's varmint, Jake, back at the ranch in Texas. He's mostly border collie and he's cool as a cucumber.

A view of the inside of our cabin.

Gudy's Rest, a nice spot for a break along the Colorado Trail.

Me layin' the wood to my old man.

The outside of our cabin.

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