Saturday, July 15, 2006

Durango Day 4 & 5

So after three days, long days of riding pretty hard I was due to take it kinda easy. I hadn’t ridden with the old man yet, so we headed out around 10 and went for an easy ride, easy for me, not so easy for him. We hit the bike path that runs through town, about took out a few tourists… no, I’m not a tourist here. This is a training camp so that makes me exempt from the tourist classification. Stopped by the best bakery anywhere, Bread, through down a sandwich and BS’d a little. Hit the road again and watched my Dad slowly slip into bonk mode. Got back to the cabin and fed the old man some Endurox via a catheter. He was all good after a nap and a few beers. Went into town, ate some of the best sushi I ever had, maybe better than Taki. Thought about going somewhere to watch le Tour, but it was supposed to be a flat stage so we opted to head to the cabin instead.
Today I did a little… a lot of road ragin’ again. Rode up to Silverton and back, same deal as Tuesday, only this time I did it 30 minutes quicker than a few days ago. Probably had a little to do with acclimation to the altitude and my body getting used to long hard hours again, been a few weeks since I’ve done a lot of long rides. I made a water stop about 70 miles into the ride at the same gas station that I stopped at when it rained and hailed, passed by the ice cream cooler and got myself hungry for some ice cream. So I thought that I’d commemorate the occasion by treating myself to this ice cream / big ass cookie sandwich lookin’ thing. Damn good it was. Felt great throughout the entire ride, like I had no chain.
So I was sitting down after the ride today, throwin’ down some Endurox and strawberries, when all of a sudden my right wrist started to kinda hurt. I thought to myself, WTF is this all about? It did nothing but get worse. I couldn’t figure out what the hell had happened to it. Didn’t fall on it, didn’t smack it on the bed post, didn’t hit the old man, nothing. It just started hurtin’ for no reason. Piece of crap, probably gonna screw up my plans for another epic day on the dirt tomorrow.
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