Thursday, July 13, 2006

Durango - Day 2 & 3

Cam Kirkpatrick

So yesterday, what did I do, yeah, I hit the dirt for about 4 ½ hours. Rolled out of the campground with the old man up a 4 mile gravel road to the Dry Fork trail head. Once we hit the trail head, I said adios to the old man and settled into a good base pace of about 145 or so. Took the Dry Fork trail up to the Colorado trail, took the Colorado trail into Durango. Rode over to the Telegraph trails and did a big loop over there. Saweet singletrack! Didn’t see any rattlesnakes this time, was hopin’ to show ‘em my new (sort of) Diamondback rig that I was ragin’ on. I think they’d probably dig it. About 45 minutes of the ride was on pavement / gravel with remainder of the ride on some of the sweetest singletrack ever created. At first the legs felt pretty cooked from the day before, but once I hit the dirt all was good. They respond well when they know they get to tear it up on some sweet ‘ole Durango singeltrack.
Today was another epic, spent a little over 6 ½ hours in the saddle, on the dirt. Took off from the cabin, up the 4 mile gravel road and, again, settled into a good mid 140’s pace. Took the Hoffeins Connector trail to the Colorado trail, rode into Durango, Rode the blacktop up to Hermosa Creek Trail. Rode to the end of Hermosa Creek and headed back to town. Lot’s ‘o climbing today, I’m guessing pretty near 10,000 feet or so. Legs were feelin’ good today too. So I got about 3 ½ to 4 hours of some sweet singletrack in. I love passing all of tourists near the beginning of trail heads. I know that we are supposed to yield to hikers and all that crap, but it’s so fun scarin’ the crap out of ‘em when I go flyin’ by at mach 1 with rocks and dust flyin’ everywhere.
So when the riding for the day is done, the old man and I head into town, score some grub and begin our quest for some place that has an idiot box with OLN so we can keep up on le Tour. Not much goin’ on until today. Love watching all of the carnage on the big mountain stages, kinda reminds of what I do to Nooner in a mountain bike race. I shouldn’t give Nooner too much crap ‘cause someday he’s gonna start kicking my arse on a regular basis. That’s OK though, I’m getting’ kind of old so I can use the ‘I’m an old man’ excuse when it happens.

OK, I guess I’m done for now. Sorry about not having any pictures to show. I’m too cheap to buy a camera, too busy buyin’ bike stuff. If you really want to see some pictures, do the Google thing on any of the trails / rides that I mention. I can pretty much guarantee that they’ll be better than any pic I can take.

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