Sunday, January 08, 2006

Urbana goodness

Hanser working on his skillz.
6 of us (Sammy, Ryan, Bake, Jeff, Jacob and myself) showed up at Rassy's for a very warm ride Sat. afternoon. Woodland Cemetary was the first stop, Hanser has this great idea of a "Fat
Tire Crit" though it. Short, twisty, brick climbs with some fun and fast downhill twisty decents. It does sound fun. From here we ventured into the Sherman Hill area for some climbing, up then down, up then down. What fun:) Then we found a perfect skinny for the novice riders to get on and ride. Its a full block long, 10inches off the ground and around a foot wide. PERFECT. We preceeded to jump off, ride down, or on everything we wanted too. Ended up on 4th street at the Royal Mile for a couple after ride pints, too talk about how we're taking over Iowa with TTF's (technical trial features) and Single track. Upon leaving the Mile, Sammy and Hanser ended up in a pile right infront of everybody on 4th and Court. Totaly helarious. You have to watch out for Sammy after he's had a couple I guess. What a perfect day.


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