Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Testing a new light

This year I finally decided to retire my old Marwi Night Pro Expert (9yrs old)to a back-up light. The new rig I'm testing is a Cygolite. I've had this light for around 2 weeks, been out with it 3 times on one charge with a total burn time of just under 5hrs. so far. Not bad eghy:)


*Hi-Output Solid State emitter
*Equivalent to 10 watt halogen
*Rechargeable NiMH water bottle battery
*Hi / Low light output settings
*SSR optics (Solid State reflection) for maximum brightness
*Super long runtimes of 6 hours and up
*Detachable Wideview lens
*Remote thumbswitch
*Headlight swivel for better road coverage

I still haven't had this thing long enough for an honest opinion/review, but as of right now it's kick'n ass or I mean kick'n darkness. I really like the bright white light it puts off compared to the blue or yellow of other lights I have. I've yet to detach the wideview lens, weight it, or make sure it goes past the 6hr. mark in a full ride. Although I'm sure it will. The low beam is just that... very low, just enough that a car or person could see you. Thats all for now, I think I'll go and ride my Uni around the shop for awhile.

Today's workout:
lift legs.
ride home from work around 28 to 30 miles depending on route.
go home and wait for tomorrows pain:)


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