Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Urban ride/ Ouachita Challenge

Last night Jacob Naumann and I hit up the urban inner city paved system for some light miles. The night was perfect as the temp was a sweet 37 degrees on our departure. I just couldn't believe it was just us two, although alot of our riding mates are on/in different phases of their training so I'm sure most were on the DEVIL OF THE INDOORS. We saw a few peeps other than that the city was ours. 1.5 hrs of light spinning + good temps= 2lbs off my ass. I've dropped 7lbs since the 1st and have 8 or 9 to go to get back to race weight for the Ouachita. Ride On!

Speaking of the Ouachita Challenge there were 64 spots left in the race as of yesterday and today it's full........ of Iowans:) Thats right 12 of us ( Brian Abbott, Pete Basso , Lance Chase, Dennis Grelk, Jeff Kerkove, Sammy Lopez, Andy Lueck, Matt McCutchen, Jacob Naumann, Todd Cully, Matt Yerke, Brian Pottorff) corn fed cycling freaks are heading to Arkansas:) SWEET:) Someone is looking to score $5oo paper backs for breaking the course record of 4:39:00. Good Luck.


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