Sunday, January 01, 2006

FAT CHAMP!! Happy New Year

After 3 months off the bike I've managed to grab the "Fat Champ" title. Thank you, thank you. Now 15 lbs heavier I suspose I should get off my ass and do something about it. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe eve of getting wasted for the last time in 2005. Time to go log some miles:)



Pete Basso said...

Too many Wednesday nite TACO BOMBS at Giff's this past fall eh Squirrel?

Tater said...

that is the scariest picture I could ever imagine seeing of you.

Jeff Kerkove said...

My eyes!
Better get it go'n. Oauchita is coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Way too many taco bombs bro, put in 46 miles yesterday on the Fugi SS with the Starbucks crew. My inner thighs on both legs at the end of the ride were so tight I though my ball sack was going to tear:) Hey Tater how about that above sentence for your imagination. Ouachita is going to be so damn fun this year, Iowa will have a strong presence something like 15 of us going this yr.


Bake said...

I think I got u by a pound or two. I won't subject anyone to a pic of my fat hairy belly though. Time to get some fat burning going!