Friday, December 02, 2005

A little snow ride

The Rig.
entrance to Denmans.
Lucky ridder's tracks
first mate didn't ride Little Italy bridge
I got to make first tracks here
self explanitory
me ugly mug.

Left work yesterday and came home to go and hit up Denmans. I was hoping to be first tracks as there is just something spiritual about cutting first tracks. As I rolled up to the snowy paved trail I was let down just a little as someone else had beat me to the trail. DAMN:) The snow on the trail was perfect light and fluffy with about 4 inches of depth. After riding all of Denmans I headed to the shop for my next mission....... Pick up some BMX pegs for the BUILDING OF A SNOW BIKE. Yeah baby. I'll have some early snow bike build pics. soon. How do I get this text above the pictures?


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Pete Basso said...

Squirrel - copy the text and then paste it above the pic. Or you can click and drag the pic below text.