Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Durango – 7.16.08

Sent Pops on his way back to Texas today. We scored some greasy grub at a greasy spoon that only the locals seem to frequent. That’s a good indication that it’s one of the better, non touristy places to eat. I wish that we had a place like this in Des Moines, but it’s probably a good thing that we don’t because I’d probably eat there way too much. I’ve never had a chicken enchilada for breakfast before, much less with a pancake. It sure was good and I’m sure that I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow during my ride.
Headed up the gravel road to Dry Fork. Took Dry Fork to the Colorado and rode the Colorado to Animas Mountain. Did two laps on Animas and the 2nd time up was my fastest yet. My legs felt really good today, so I upped the effort on both laps. After I did Animas I rode back over to the Colorado. Rode the Colorado back up to Dry Fork and took Dry Fork back to the ranch.

The valley leading up to the homestead.

The gravel road up to Dry Fork.

If you decide to do a gravel grinder in Colorado, this is one possibility of what it might look like... Sweetness.

Ended up being a great workout! Logged about 6,500 feet of climbing and about 5 hours of saddle time on the dirt… good stuff!

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