Saturday, July 12, 2008

Durango - 7.12.08

I think that I must have some sort of voodoo curse goin’ on or something. First, it’s my rear der on my road bike. Yesterday, my ‘bomb proof’ Chris King free wheel became not so bomb proof. This morning I pulled a groin muscle… maybe I should pack it up and head home before I blow something else out! So the groin muscle… I was eating breakfast with my Dad this morning at a local greasy spoon. We finished, I tried to open the door by pushing it with my foot… POW, this sharp pain shot through my right groin area and all of a sudden I can’t walk. Yeah, what in the world was I doing trying to push a door open when it had a sign that clearly said PULL. And why was I trying to push a door open with my foot… I really don’t know, maybe my brain can’t handle the thin air or something. I had to alter my walk in such a way that it looks like I have a load in my pants. Yep, my thought at the moment was that this is worse than a broken bike. I can usually fix a broken bike and continue on within a day. A pulled groin, I have no idea how long it takes to fix something like that, it’s a new one for me.
So we got back to the cabin, put some ice in a bag and shoved into my groin area. Took about an hour long nap with a bag of ice against my nether regions. Woke up and figured I try to go for an easy spin. That was my plan for today anyway. So I suited up and headed out. The short version of the story, it felt pretty uncomfortable at first, to the point where I thought that I was screwed. As the ride progressed it felt a little better, to the point where I ended up riding for about three hours with only a little irritation at an active recovery pace. It actually felt better when I put some pressure on the pedals. It felt OK enough that I think I might try to do the ride up to Silverton and back tomorrow. That might end up being the wrong thing to do, but I’m out here to ride and I have no intentions of staying cooped up in the cabin, I’d feel like a caged animal. Mountain biking is definitely not going to be happening over the next couple of days, I think that my free wheel is pretty much toast anyway. I had a bit of a reality check during the ride today. I was riding along, kinda bummed out, thinking about my groin, when I saw what I think was a paraplegic rolling down the street in a motorized wheel chair… Broken bike parts, faulty body parts that will mend themselves… not such a big deal afterall.

Some nice parting shots for the day...

Animas Mountain, a great place to do mtb hill repeats. I hope my crotch heals up enough that I can ride there again before I leave.

A view of the Animas River from a bridge that I rode over today.

The Animas from the other side of the bridge.

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Squirrel said...

that water looks so inviting:) What a pussy...can kick most everyone I knows ass in a XC race can't simply read a sign that says your getting old'd better kick back a couple more beers:)