Thursday, July 10, 2008

Durango – 7.10.08

Today was a great day… everyday is a great day out here, even when I destroy bike parts. Started the day off at a local coffee shop, threw down some Joe with Jesse, ate a couple breakfast burritos and a sweet roll. Went over to Caleb’s to watch Le Tour. Then went out for another epic mountain bike ride. Rode up Dry Fork Trail, down the Colorado Trail to the base of Animas City Mountain.

Above D-Town

A view to the north of the Animas River valley.

Another view of the river valley, I almost fell down the cliff when I took this picture.

Yes, Animas Mountain has 'parts', looks to be a male... At 8,100 feet no less.

And yet another view of the river valley.

Did two laps on Animas at a pretty hard effort, great place for hill repeats. It starts out at about 6,600 feet and tops out at 8,100 feet and it takes a little under 30 minutes to make it to the top. The climb up is granny gear steep with lot’s of loose rocks that make for a pretty technical climb. I’ve never been able to clean all of it, though I came really close on my second lap. I’ll try it again next week…

It was fixin' to rain again.

More rain fixins'. It sprinkled while I was at the top, man did that feel good!

Another shot of the buff singletrack heading up to Gudy's Rest. Makes ya wanna come here, doesn't it?!

Took the Colorado back up to the Hoffheins Connector and rode back to camp for a total of five hours of saddle time and a little over 6,000 feet of climbing. Great workout! Oh… an I didn’t break anything today and my Dad showed a couple of days early, so I had a beer with him. I’ll probably do that a little more this year because it sure tasted good!


Squirrel said...

some times those beers taste too good:) Yes I want to be there.


localrunner said...

Looks like an awesome trip......lucky guy!! I'm so happy you are able to do this type of trip! I'm ENVIOUS! Mom