Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Durango – 7.08.08

Hit the road for a recovery ride today and headed east to Lemon Reservoir.

Lemon Reservior

The descent down from Lemon, a whole lotta pine trees up here

Rode by a few neighborhoods that contained some rich folk, some were private gated neighborhoods… so I thought that I’d make myself a member of the patrician society and check out the hood.

Um... what sign??

The rich folks view

After riding up a seemingly endless climb of about 12%, I decided to turn around after about 30 minutes of climbing. It only took me about 2 minutes to get back to the bottom. I never did see a house, maybe I’ll have to go back up again later… About 3 hours into the ride I dropped my chain, so I did what I always do when I drop my chain. I shifted into my big ring to pedal the chain back on. While doing this, the chain got crossed up in the rear derailleur and proceeded to rip apart my rear deralleur, bending the hanger in the process… awesome, perfect timing while on vacation.

I'd like to order three new spokes please...

I'll probably need to order another rear derailleur while I'm at it...

And while your pokin' around back there, do you think that you could straighten out my hanger?

This is what my face looked like when I came to realize my stupidity

Thankfully I was only about a mile from where Jesse was and was able to get a ride back to the cabin. $120 later, I have a new derailleur and a hanger that was bent back into the proper position. The lesson… don’t be afraid to get your hands greasy if you drop a chain, it’s not worth trashing a derailleur in order to keep your hands clean. Other then that, it was a great ride!

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Squirrel said...

it truely sucks buying replaceable goods from a shop that isn't your sponser ehy:) I had to buy a couple tubes a few weeks ago from Kyles Bikes....when he said $10. 32 or something like that I about shit....