Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ingawanis Pix

Some photos that Carl Buchanananananan took at Ingawanis.

WWJ - Pre-Endo

Cully Todd - Idaho bound... Don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep, lookin' for a place to crash while you take me out and rip my legs off on some of the local tread!

My brutha Jim Logan railin' a corner. Check out the buff tread, the entire course was like that.

Check me out lookin' all cock-eyed rolling through the rock garden.

Christmas came early from my bro Oakley Rob!

Oakley Rob is once again one of my biggest supporters this season and he hooked me up with a new pair of Flak Jackets. The frame fits me like a glove. Once I put them on my head, they stay put and I never have to mess with them during a ride or race. The other huge feature is the lense technology. The pair that I have came with Permisson lenses, which gradually change tint when the lighting changes. The lense is also coated with something called 'Hydrophobic'. It's basically a coating that prevents water, sweat, snot and Gatorade from leaving streaks and sheens that can compromise vision. All important features when your flying down a trail littered with trees, rocks, lions, tigers and bears.

Oh yeah, no 6 hour race for me today. Rain was heading in that direction and I don't really feel like racing in the mud, especially when the race isn't among my top priorities. Next weekend is another marathon race over at Platte River State Park in Nebraska. Hopefully the #$^@! rain will hold off!

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