Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pix From Maskenthine

Release the hounds!

Kevin leading the charge, followed by yours truly sporting the latest in Rassy attire. Nate was stuck to my wheel like a fly on stink and that's JP in 4th, suffering like an animal.

I'm still wearing the same clothes, Nate is still so close that he can smell my....breath and JP is still in the hurt locker. The new Rassy kits are Louis Garneau, by far the most comfortable clothing that my nether regions have ever come into contact with.

JP looks like he might be feelin' a little better now.

Rasmussen Bike Shop, Orbea, Louis Garneau and Oakley on the top step where they should be. I'm just fortunate to be along for the ride! I'm thinkin' that if Nate were to shave that pelt off of his face, the reduction in drag would have gained him one more position on the podium. I personally think his beard rocks and would be worth sacrificing a few places in a race because it probably lands him a lot of chicks.

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