Sunday, January 22, 2006

A New Look

So... the people who visit our blog regularly are the first to see how our new shop website is working! (if this page looks the same as it always has your cookies might being doing something wacky... just hit the refresh button).

With help from Jeff Kerkove and the easy-to-use Blogger we've built a spiderweb of blogs that work like a website. This will allow us update, upkeep, and striaght up outplay. Take a look around, let us know what you think, just have her home by 11!



switchmenu said...

Jeff and DQ, I was surprised to see the new look, what a huge difference. It looks more like the shop!! I love it. Great idea with the pull down menus as well. Keep up the great work. Any links to a race team page on the horizon?

DQ said...

With this new set-up the possibilities are, more or less, limitless. We could reasonably and quickly make a page for just about anything. Race team, race profiles, whatever. I must say though as I am the content manager I want to keep it all within reason so we don't flood the average viewer with page after page after page.

Squirrel said...

The white backround may grow on me. I too would like to see race team links. Clink on all 9 yards race team and I get sent to how too by a freaking home, thats not what I expected.... race team..... reality?????WTF>
As with our own MTB team??? Click there and you get too here, not much TEAM action in here now, just me spewing shit off the top of my head.


DQ said...

Again... we can make a page for just about anything. We could do a lot to make this page more "teamy". Starting by handing out the USER and PW to everyne on the team to post something. We could have a list of team sponsors or even a calendar... but you please be patient as this whole project is now only two days old.

Tell me what you want to see and I will make it happen.

DQ said...

As for the A9Y linking to a mortgage site... in my opinion, when a team (or anyone) starts asking company's for sponsorships then they should make it a priority to drive potential customers to that business. Nowl you know about All 9 Yards mortgages thanks to their road team. They've succeeded in spreading their sponsor's name.

Andy said...

I like the idea of the team page and all members getting to contribute...within reason. Though I'd like to contribute who would want to hear from a Rassy Rider, living in Iowa City, typing while wearing one arm warmer and tights (I'm only halfway dressed for the ride).

PS is the "race" still on this Sunday at Denman's...what time again?