Monday, December 05, 2005

Sunday's Epic Adventures

Sunday morning at 8am Master Lou, Pistol Pete, Jacob N, Bill Fanter, Jason Alread, Sterling, Teri, and I all showed up at Targhetto for a 5 degree ride. While we were waiting for Sterling to show up Lou passed around the bottle of Bailey's Irish cream. MMMM. The trail was in normal snowy conditions with ATV tracks for us to all ride on. Once we got to the frontage rd. by the sandbar we all decided for a photo opp on top of the soon to be burnt out blazer. Totally funny, it even already had bullet holes in it. From here it was all fun to the brickyard, but the frontage rd. after the B.Y. pretty much sucked. So we all opted for the quickest route out which was up onto Lower Beaver. Once this decision was made I started to go back to tell Teri the plan, and on my way to her I cased it, right over the handlebars. I think everyone got to see this crash. Getting up to Beaver was a total ass kicking, snow plowing butt kicker, the snow had to be 7" deep. Once to Beaver it was back to the parking lot. Bill F and I were riding the sidewalks back, jumping the plowed snow, shooting through parking lots, cutting through where grass once laid green and it was here that I ate shiat again. I go over the handlebars, but this time I had some speed and pretty much adjusted my neck and back all at the same time. Master Lou on the other side of the street had a good laugh at my expence. We all get back to the parking lot and its time for all to get in our cars and head out, but not before doing many sideways donuts in the unplowed Targhetto parking lot. Whooooo hooo kiddies. Before leaving some of us decided it would be good to go and get some joe at Grounds for Masterbations (Celebrations). Upon arriving Bill has this "briliant" idea of no coffee a Guiness sounds better, its not even 10am folks. So to AK's it is. Teri,Jacob,Bill and I have some beer(s), while Master Lou throws down a couple pots of coffee. Shortly sometime after 11:30 we all head our seperate ways. Teri and I head over to Wild Bills house to check out some furniture and a bike he is willing to just give away. After hanging for awhile its off our house to load up the ski bike for is inagural flight. I head over to Hansers house sometime after 2pm to pick him up and go to South Woods Park for some downhill adventers. Upon this arrival we are getting some interesting looks at our perferred sledding device. But once we shoot down the hill a few times everyone wants to ride. Ski bike = GOOD FUN. The ski bike is a great time we just need bigger hills and some jumps, oh and more ski bikes:) I will have pics. up soon, the blog isn't letting me load them this morning.


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