Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rassy Squad Busting Fart Lockers!

Here are some interesting numbers to ponder. As of the Sycamore Time Trial (stage 7 of the IMBCS sries)... the Rasmussen Bike Shop Race Team has dominated the IMBCS. Check it!

There are 11 different categories to compete in. Expert, Sport, Masters, yadda yadda. Of the 11, 6 of them are being led by a Rassy rider. Including the top-gun Expert category which, as we all know, is being freakin demolished by Cam Kirkpatrick.

Also... in those 11 categories. 4 other Rassy riders have landed top 3 spots in the series and 8 others are holding strong in the top ten. These numbers are absolutely pimptastic.

To the entire Rassy crew... keep it up and work your fart locker at the last two IMBCS races! Yeahzer!


1 comment:

Thaddeus S. Neil said...

Nice Work Kids!!! Now take off the camo so we can see you guys!