Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Phil, the Murray Walker of the cycling world, is a living legend. The Tour de France wouldn't be quite the same for the English speaking world without his regularly excitable commentary, following are some of his many humourous quotes (known to cyclists as 'Liggettisms') over the years...

1. and Bo Hamburger is, I dare to say it, fried.
2. He's crazy. He's always been crazy. And what on EARTH is he doing?
3. Hinault... is he a superman or a fool
4. Are they on the road to stardom, or are they lambs to the slaughter?
5. He's dancing on his pedals in a most immodest way!
6. There's no reason to rush into hell.
7. Once you pull on that golden fleece, you become two men.
8. And Brian, I think Sean Kelly told Fignon in broad Irish exactly what he thought of that idea
9. Though he's bald, he's only 23 years old!
10. The fox is in the hen house now
11. Zabel, Zabel, Zabel, Zabel, Zabel
12. The pirate is about to board the ship
13. And again they are crossing swords at the front
14. To wear the yellow jersey is to mingle with the gods of cycling
15. Don't look back. You know what's going on back there because you just left

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